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MH Copy provides quality copywriting services, editing services and proofreading services to the charity and commercial sectors.    07725 028 643  


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From websites to annual reports, magazine features to health information, sales letters to fundraising materials, I write them all so they’re easy to understand, enjoyable to read and memorable.

Find out more about my copywriting services.  

Turning flabby copy that lacks a voice into trim text that zings with energy is what I excel at. Also, if you need some jargon-riddled copy whipped into shape with the use of plain English, look no further.

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MH Copy’s services

Checking for errors and inconsistencies isn’t easy. So use a professional. Me. Someone who can spot a rogue comma from 500 yards and is a black belt at using Word’s track changes tool.

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Because I’ve been a copywriter for a long time, I know quite a few talented designers. So if you’re looking for a creative team to write and design a truly fantastic printed communication, speak to me.

Find out more about my design and copy service.

As well as writing the copy for this website, I also used Apple’s iWeb application to design it. If you’d like something similar created for your business, club or society, get in touch.

Find out about my web design and copy service.  

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My experience, expert knowledge and passion for creativity means I can offer a range of services. So take a closer look at them and choose the right one for you. I guarantee you’ll be more than happy with my work, my professionalism and, maybe most importantly, my prices.  

What I Can Do For You